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Detuned Harmonic Filter Reactors

Used in series with capacitor banks in power factor correction units. Detuned reactors prevents the following:

  • Overloading of capacitor banks due to harmonic resonance. 
  • Overcurrent during capacitor bank switching.
  • Short capacitor lifetime
  • Overheating of supply system
  • Interference of network and data transmission systems.
  • Utility waveform distortion 
  • Faults and trips on voltage sensitive systems and devices

The voltage across the terminals of the capacitor will increase the output voltage by 7% because of the inductive reaction of the reactor. The input value is at 415V, add the 7% inductive reaction, and this will give you a total output of 440V. 

In detuned power factor correction systems, the presence of higher voltage rated capacitors and reactors causes a difference between rated capacitor power and obtained reactive power. The obtained power must be calculated in order to avoid low compensation. 

Elektra Harmonic Reactors have been tested to standards: CE: 61558-2-20